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Welland, Ontario — Ontario-based auto parts manufacturer Linamar is getting into the giga casting game, announcing Wednesday plans to open an electric vehicle parts plant in Welland, Ont., set to open in February 2025.
In its press release, Linamar spokespeople say this will make the company the first Tier 1 supplier outside of Asia to invest in the 6,100 ton high pressure die cast machines that other EV developers, like Tesla, have been using to lightweight their parts.
“Giga castings are the next step in the evolution of our High Pressure Die Casting strategy,” said Linamar president and COO, Jim Jarrell.
“The Welland giga casting facility will have capabilities few companies in the world possess. There is an increasing trend of cast aluminum being used in vehicle architectures, particularly BEVs. Structural aluminum castings offer an alternative to traditional steel stamping and weldments, creating a less complex and more lightweight solution for OEMs.”
Reporting from the Welland Tribune speculates that the plant will likely be located on the former Energex site in the city’s south-end.
Media has confirmed through sources associated with the current owners of the Energex site that the area is currently being prepared to accommodate a new client, most likely in reference to Linamar.
“We are thrilled to have attracted this significant new investment to Welland. Linamar’s presence in our community signals the next wave of investment in our local economy and is a testament to the progressive steps Welland is taking,” said Welland Mayor Frank Campion.
“As a globally-recognized automotive supplier and proud Canadian employer, Linamar’s Welland-based employees will supply advanced components for the zero emissions vehicles of the future from this new state-of-the-art facility. We are excited to welcome Linamar to Welland.”
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