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BMW has been receiving flak from consumers and enthusiasts worldwide over the last few years because of its contemporary design that incorporates gigantic signature kidney-shaped radiator grilles. The German luxury car brand appears to have noted the chatter and decided to adopt a cleaner design. BMW’s chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk said the future cars from the automaker will have a cleaner look and possibly radiator grilles that are not such an eyesore.
In an interaction with TopGear, Hooydonk said that the auto company doesn’t ignore the chatter. He stated that the brand continues to add new elements to the design and cannot repeat what it has. As a part of the process, the automaker sometimes departs from what it has and adopts new things. He believes that it is the key mechanism behind BMW’s success story.
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The chief BMW designer further said that the auto company aims to have success in the coming decades following the same path, and the new design of its cars would be a critical element in that strategy. “We feel that in our job, we need to keep adding new elements to the design, we cannot keep repeating what we have. Sometimes we have to depart and do new things. The reason for that is we also want to have success in 10 years,” said van Hooydonk.
He also added that the BMW design team has a pretty clear idea of what it is doing and that it is not like they are experimenting or throwing things out to the consumers to see what sticks. Instead, it is a very deliberate process, claimed the BMW official.
Over the past few years, BMW’s car design, especially the radiator grille, has witnessed a drastic change. From sleeker and compact styling, the radiator grille has adopted a mammoth size that grabs attention for the very first time. While some people believe that this design has given the BMW cars a new visual identity, many are simply disgusted by it. The automaker has even introduced huge illuminated radiator grilles in some of its latest concept models, but that isn’t fitting to everyone’s taste.
Speaking of the radiator grille specifically, BMW’s design boss thinks the company has done everything; from vertical and very slim to wide and very low. Now it can do what it wants from here forward as the company already has plenty of heritage to back that up, said Hooydonk. “I think in the future what is going to be important is our design will be cleaner. We will design the grille according to the proportion of the overall vehicle or according to the expression that we want to give it,” he added.

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