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If Formula One refers to motor powered vehicles, what type of power do you think Formula Zero might refer to?! The answer is… YOU! The power-assisted Audi Formula Zero trike is perfect for zipping between short distances.
Channeling an uber-minimalist Audi aesthetic, the stripped-down design features a modular structure for easy assembly and maintenance. Its framework consists of aluminum, plastic and composite materials, making it incredibly lightweight yet durable. Safely enclosed within the panoramic glass cockpit, drivers can pedal away while protected from the elements. The unusual trike configuration features a two wheel arrangement in the front and a single wheel at the rear, making it essentially a trike, but giving the driver the feeling of driving a 4-wheeled automobile. Solar panels supplement rechargeable plug-in power so you’re always ready to go so long as the sun is shining!
Designer: Pavel Babienko


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