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Have you recently performed any cooling system maintenance on your ride? If the answer is no, you might want to think about using LIQUI MOLY’s Radiator Cleaner. This coolant flush product will not only rejuvenate your radiator, it will improve the overall performance of your vehicle’s cooling system.
The radiator is the captain of the cooling system and is in charge of dissipating all the heat that’s generated by the engine. A radiator’s performance is hindered over time by the containments that naturally build up inside it. So, you need to flush the radiator and the entire cooling system to remove the deposits, rust, and scale that build-up, but that’s not enough, you also need to clean the radiator to restore its ability to cool your engine.
You can use LIQUI MOLY’s Radiator Cleaner as part of the flushing process. The cleaning agents that make up this product target the items that build up inside your radiator and reduce its efficiency. These chemical agents won’t damage your radiator or other parts of the cooling system.

Here are some additional key features and benefits of the LIQUI MOLY Radiator Cleaner:
Powerful Cleaning Action: The innovative formula of the Radiator Cleaner penetrates and dissolves deposits, rust, and scale that accumulate over time, effectively cleaning the inside of a radiator and restoring its performance.
Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: By removing obstructions and improving heat transfer, the Radiator Cleaner optimizes the cooling system’s effectiveness, helping to prevent engine overheating and ensuring efficient operation.
Long-Term Protection: Regular use of the Radiator Cleaner helps prevent the formation of new deposits and corrosion, extending the lifespan of the radiator and other cooling system components.
Easy to Use: LIQUI MOLY’s Radiator Cleaner is designed for hassle-free application in all automotive coolant and heating systems (exception: “Low Conductivity”-coolants). It does not contain aggressive acids or alkalis and is acid-neutralizing. To use, simply add the cleaner to the radiator or coolant reservoir, allow it to circulate for the specified time, then drain and flush with clean water for noticeable results.
You can learn more about LIQUI MOLY’s Radiator Cleaner right here on the company’s website.

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