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Where reliability, long life and low maintenance are of paramount importance, the LiteSheet BriteCor Hazardous Location Brik (BHLB) delivers an AC-Direct LED luminaire built for rough service and extreme environmental conditions. Ideal for use in high traffic and hazardous locations such as tunnels, underpasses, industrial parks, factories and warehouses, schools and universities, public transport and airports, the LiteSHeet BHLB packs a powerful lumen output and features a heavy duty die-cast housing and frame.
LiteSheet is launching its first Class 1, Division 2 hazardous location LED luminaires. The new fixture is ETL listed for hazardous locations per UL844 as Class 1, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D. It features a T4 temperature rating and is suitable for wet locations with an IP66 sealed LED compartment. Mounting heights of 12 to 25 feet can be used based on light level and uniformity. Featuring abuse-resistant heavy duty die cast aluminum housing and top frame with ½” tapped coin plug openings for wiring entrance conduits, the luminaires are available with clear or frosted opal polycarbonate vandal resistant lenses.
LiteSheet Solutions, a global leader in LED (light emitting diodes) lighting technology, adds the sought-after BriteCor Hazardous Location Brik (BHLB) to its complete line of LED AC-Direct lighting solutions.
“Our BriteCor Brik Hazardous Location (BHLB) LED luminaires are industry gamechangers. Because of extraordinary long life, rugged construction, and our commitment to high performance underscored by our industry leading 15-year warranty, we are convinced that this product will stand out as problem solver for difficult, dangerous and challenging hazardous industrial and commercial applications,” said Roger Whyte, CEO of LiteSheet Solutions.
The BHLB is maintenance-free for the life of the fixture, no lamps or drivers to replace eliminating the costs normally associated with the maintenance downtime of conventional lighting. Available in standard color temperatures of 4000K and 5000K with a CRI of 80, the BHLB replaces 175W HID fixtures and offers the versatility and flexibility needed for a variety of end uses at an energy consumption of 32W or 48W. The luminaires operate in temperatures ranging from -20⁰C to 40⁰C. The fixture is dimmable.
LiteSheet is known for its AC Direct LED Technology which allows fixtures to operate directly on the AC line eliminating the driver and delivering dramatic improvements in life, operating efficiency and overall total cost of ownership.
Manufactured in the USA, the BHLB is backed by LiteSheet’s industry-leading 15-year nonprorated warranty backed by Lloyd’s of London.
“The BHLB joins LiteSheet’s architectural and industrial LED lighting fixtures and dimming capabilities—all using the LiteSheet “AC Advantage” operational platform,” said Whyte, “We are also bringing our technical excellence, our global vision and our enthusiastic commitment to the LED lighting marketplace.”
About LiteSheet Solutions
LiteSheet Solutions, LLC is the Adaptive AC LED Technology company that develops and commercializes products for the commercial and industrial lighting market. The company combines extensive knowledge of lighting technologies and manufacturing processes to create highly efficient lighting with reduced production costs resulting in the most economical, environmentally friendly, and sustainable LED lighting available.
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