Magellan Aerospace to manufacture engine castings for Pratt & Whitney – Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

Six-year agreement is for aluminum castings for Next Generation Product Family engines.
Magellan uses advanced sand-casting technologies, including 3D sand printing and automated pouring. (CNW Group/Magellan Aerospace Corp.)
Magellan Aerospace officials signed a six-year agreement with Pratt & Whitney to manufacture aluminum castings for Next Generation Product Family (NGPF) engines powering the Airbus A320neo, Airbus A220 (formerly known as Bombardier C-Series), Embraer E2 series, and Mitsubishi MRJ aircraft. The castings will be produced at Magellan’s facilities in Haley, Ontario, Canada and Glendale, Arizona. The agreement is expected to generate approximately $62 million in revenue for Magellan through 2023.
Magellan Vice President, Business Development, Marketing and Contracts Haydn Martin said, “This new agreement will provide Pratt & Whitney with enhanced security of supply with Magellan internally dual sourcing these castings between two manufacturing facilities in Canada and the USA, significantly de-risking the supply chain. Magellan will utilize the latest in advanced sand-casting technologies, specifically 3D sand printing and automated pouring to produce these components.”
“Pratt & Whitney looks forward to continued growth with Magellan Aerospace in signing this agreement,” said Brandon Barrett, strategic sourcing manager at Pratt & Whitney. “Magellan is investing in the right technologies at both of its facilities to provide the complex castings for Pratt & Whitney’s NGPF engines.”


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