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Since 1949, Oskar Frech (FRECH) has been a pioneer in the field of high-pressure die casting. As a world market leader, FRECH offers the full range of state-of-the-art die-casting technologies from hot- and cold-chamber die-casting machines through to peripherals and dies, process engineering, consultancy and other services. FRECH produces its range of premium-quality products at its headquarters in Schorndorf in the vicinity of Stuttgart, and also at other locations in Germany, Austria, China, Poland, Switzerland, the United States and Bulgaria. Through its international distribution network of sales offices, subsidiaries and trade representatives, the company has established a presence around the world.
“We have the full range of understanding of the equipment and processes necessary to create high-quality castings,” says Dr Ioannis Ioannidis, president and CEO. “We provide customers only the best die-casting solutions – from the smallest casting cell which you can place in a room to the largest ones which require the space of a building.”
From its humble beginnings as a local tool-manufacturing outfit in Germany, the family-owned company has evolved to become a world-leading supplier of end-to-end, customised die-casting technology. Its product portfolio includes complete casting cells with peripherals such as robots, furnaces and cooling units. As the company celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, its “Made in Germany” mark has earned the trust of global giants in industries such as automotive, mobile communications, home appliances, electronics, mechanical devices and sensors.
Such technological leadership can be attributed to the company’s passion for innovation. Leveraging its solid financial standing and pool of loyal and talented staff, FRECH pursues technological breakthroughs that have shaped the industry worldwide. The company, for instance, developed the world’s first magnesium hot-chamber die-casting machine and introduced the first all-electric-driven die-casting equipment. FRECH also invented the Frech Gating System, a highly efficient die-casting process that results in faster cycles, lower remelting costs, less environmental impact and minimal porosity, which increases the overall quality of the cast products. The company boasts of writing its own automatic control processes that run the machines compliant with Industry 4.0.
This time, FRECH is yet on another breakthrough research. For 10 years, the company has been developing a special metal alloy that can withstand melted aluminium in a hot-chamber process, or a die-casting set-up with a built-in furnace. Aluminium is traditionally cast using a separate furnace in a process called cold chamber, but this is not as cost-effective as in a hot-chamber system.
“Our new technology will allow you to cast different aluminium parts in a way we haven’t seen so far,” Ioannidis says. “This revolutionary hot-chamber process for aluminium is 20 per cent more efficient than the cold-chamber set-up and can bring huge profits for manufacturers around the world.”
Customers also stand to gain from FRECH’s exemplary 100 per cent service. Through its global service network, the company assigns a dedicated engineer who personally attends to every client’s need and even stays with the customer as long as necessary. While the company offers standard equipment, it can also tailor the machines to fit specific client requirements.
Looking forward, FRECH would like to explore new markets beyond the automotive segment, which comprises half of its client’s base. In particular, the company is eager to incorporate 3D printing technology as it seeks to serve new fields that use modern materials. In Asia, FRECH would like to acquire new companies as it expands into countries such as China, South Korea, Thailand and India.
“China is truly an important market for us,” Ioannidis says. “We want more engineers, higher service capacities and additional manufacturing facilities on the mainland as we seek to triple our business there in the next five years.”


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