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From 2015 the magazine “P&TF – Diecasting and Foundry Techniques ”will merge with “A&L-Aluminium & its Alloys”, one of the most important international magazine dedicated to the aluminium industry.  

This single publication will put out three issues containing a Foundry and Diecasting special issue made i  association with P&TF editorial staff. “A&L-Aluminium & its Alloys” will then offer comprehensive and updated information on the global aluminium industry, with special focus on the light alloy casting world.  

An additional print-run of the new magazine will be distributed during the major aluminium foundry exhibitions such as GIFA, FENAF–CONAF and EUROGUSS 2016.  

Official highligths of the new “A&L-Aluminium & its Alloys” magazine with the FOUNDRY AND DIECASTING specials:

Significant innovation and improvements for next year 

Over the last years the magazine “A&L-Aluminium & its Alloys” has gone through the structural changes of the world’s economic system, especially of the aluminium global production chain, adjusting its contents and communication strategies to the new situation and keeping up with it.  

“A&L-Aluminium & its Alloys” will increasingly focus on downstream processing, not only on rolling and extrusion as in the past but also on foundry processing and diecasting.  

The  reasons for this choice are evident: the world of light alloy castings has already consolidated its position as a fundamental benchmark for the European industry; important downstream users (like the automotive industry) are increasingly interested in high-quality and competitive castings and the entire  foundry casting system in both Italy and Europe-from machinery to processes to technologies and products.  

On this basis for year 2015, the magazines A&L and P&TF-important communication supporters for METEF international expo-will join forces to represent even more effectively the entire aluminum industry production chain in the eyes of the professional operators’ system, with special care for the foundry and diecasting sector.   

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