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Last night around 8:30 p.m. PT, Radiator Springs Racers went down for a “temporary closure” before ultimately closing for the night at Disney California Adventure, due to a possible ride vehicle fire. Eyewitnesses reported a ride vehicle stopping right after the finish line, with the guests onboard yelling to be let off the ride.
The back bumper was misaligned, and black smoke was coming from the vehicle. Other guests reported the smell of burning rubber. Cast Members quickly evacuated the guests who were in the smoking vehicle.
A reader who witnessed the incident sent us a video, which you can watch below.
It’s unknown if the possible ride vehicle fire will affect operations today as the park is not open yet. Stay tuned for updates as we learn more information.
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It actually took 5-7 minutes to get these people out and the car was on fire. Each person had to be individually unlocked from their seat, they were stuck in a car on fire until a cast member came to let them out. If that car had been blazing I’m not sure a cast member would have risked their lives for these people. Most cast members are just very young adults. There needs to be better preparedness for emergency situations like this and an easier way for park guests to get out of rides if an emergency occurs. It’s very serious.
This is another reason Disney needs to be regulated for ride safety. But since they own the Anaheim city council, that will never happen.
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